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Welcome to Our New Site!

Welcome to the new I Shot Him site! We are very excited that you are here. There is a lot to explore and we hope that you spend some time digging around.

While there are many things to talk about with the site, I wanted to jump right in on what was the most fun part of the site for us, the feature photographs. One of the hardest and most interesting things one needs to figure out when designing a portfolio site is how to show the work. We decided that we wanted to introduce the work by showing it in some sort of context. A website could be viewed in a desk setting instead of just on a screen with a stock white background.

With this concept in mind we hit up our friends Jesse Silver & Matt Sartain to help style us out. With Matt’s photography and Jesse’s style we were able to create some beautiful images that set the stage for many of our projects. We were also able to work with Matt on portraits and shots of the space. If you’re looking for someone great to work with on your commercial photo needs, then hire these cats for sure.


1. Set-up featuring web work that also includes mobile versions

2. Version two of a Set-up that features web work including mobile versions

3. Laptop set-up for showcasing sites

4. Ipad set-up for web and animation work


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